Three things you can do when a client is late paying their invoice

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As inconvenient as it is, a late paying client is something all business owners will encounter. It’s one of those problems that could be a one-off and easily manageable if you have enough cash as a buffer. It becomes a real challenge when you don’t have that buffer and are reliant on prompt payment so that you in turn can pay your suppliers on time. Late paying clients won’t necessarily always be late paying, just as...



Restrictions on Commercial Evictions Extended – What about the Landlords?

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Earlier this month, the UK Government announced the current restrictions on commercial evictions will be extended until 25 March 2022. Another tough decision. This might save a few tenants by allowing commercial rent arrears to be ringfenced and guiding both parties to reach an agreeable repayment plan. But will this encourage tenants to sit on their hands for a few more months? If the tenant ends up in an insolvency process, the...

If Business Debts are Affecting Growth?

A Pre-Pack Administration Can Help You

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