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If you have a client who’s fallen on hard times, likely facing insolvency, they will be looking to you as their professional adviser to help them through the difficult times ahead. When it’s your client under the spotlight you need to know you have access to the right advice.

Having helped businesses in such circumstances for over 20 years, we know managing an insolvency process is stressful and complicated. We believe our experience and approach sets us apart.

How we can support you and your clients

It can be very unnerving if a client falls into insolvency. The rules surrounding business insolvency are complex, so if you have little or no previous experience, you could feel unsure about the options available.

We believe that as soon as a business shows warning signs of financial problems, early intervention CAN help a business to recover and get back on track. For this to happen, it’s essential to have a strong relationship with a reputable insolvency practice. After all, it is in your interest to help a client facing insolvency to retain their business. We offer a free initial meeting for you and your client to discuss their situation and take those first steps towards a solution.

Supportive resources

We have a growing bank of resources to support you with helping your clients:

When Clients are Facing Financial Difficulty – A Guide for Accountants
Simply complete the form on the right and you can instantly download our guide specifically written for advisors like you.

How a director can claim redundancy pay

Find out how your clients could claim for redundancy pay if they are liquidating their company – it could be a financial lifeline during a difficult time. Contact us to find out more – 0808 196 8676.

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We’ve created an advice guide specifically for accountants which outlines the experience of the team and how we can help you to help your clients.
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