Details of organisations that may be useful

Companies House

For information on Limited Companies
t: 0303 1234 500


VAT helpline: 0300 200 3700
Corporation tax enquiries: 0300 200 3410

Financial Ombudsman Service

For complaints about banks, building societies, loans and
credit, hire-purchase, mortgages, insurance, investments,
endowment policies and pensions
t: 0845 080 1800

The UK Factoring & Invoice Discounting Helpline

Cashflow & Invoice Finance information on Limited Companies
t: 0800 597 4757

Law Society

The Law Society – to find solicitors in the UK

The Law Society Consumer Complaints Service

An independent organisation for complaints about solicitors
t: 0845 608 6565


Law Works

Free legal help from solicitors
t: 0207 929 5601


Leading Recovery Experts

• Contactable out of hours
• Face-to-face visits available at your convenience
• Local offices
•Free confidential practice advice

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