What Happens if Your Company Doesn’t Pay its Taxes on Time?

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What Happens if Your Company Doesn’t Pay its Taxes on Time?

An important part of running a business is ensuring that your company keeps up to date with its taxes. UK companies need to pay a range of taxes, from Corporation Tax on profits to Value Added Tax (VAT) on products and services sold. Failing to pay your company’s taxes can have a range of consequences. Should your company fall behind on its taxes, it faces the possibility of action from HMRC, including the possibility...



7 Common Business Issues That Can Lead to Insolvency

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When disaster strikes, companies can go from stable and profitable to insolvent in very little time. Losing an important customer, ineffective record keeping or a lack of credit control can all cause your business to become insolvent, often very quickly. Insolvency can seem to come from nowhere – one day, a company is profitable and healthy, and the next it’s insolvent. But look hard enough and you can usually spot the business...

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