Fortus Recovery is now TruSolv

May 1, 2022     |     Posted by:     |     Category: Blog

As of today, Fortus Recovery is now TruSolv – a leading independent insolvency practice based in the South.

The team you know and trust remains the same and continues to be among the most qualified and experienced in the UK, having helped hundreds of companies get on with the vital business of restructuring, refocusing and recovering.

Why the name change to TruSolv?

We acknowledge that a second name change in quick succession isn’t common. Taking a step back, we realised that the brand didn’t represent who we are as a business. Having built our firm over the last 30 years on a personal approach, we realised that a corporate brand wasn’t representing who we truly are.

Rather than continue as we were, we decided the right course of action was to return to being an independent insolvency practice and create a brand which we do identify with. That brand is TruSolv Business Recovery.

We’ll continue building trusted and reputable relationships with local contacts and intermediaries based on the key values of independence and locality.

We’re here to help.

If you’re concerned about the financial stability of your company, or you’re an advisor to a client in difficulty, talk to TruSolv. For over 30 years, we’ve helped businesses where the directors have found themselves in circumstances which you yourself may now be experiencing. Call us today on 0808 196 8676 or contact us at

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Through the years our team of experts have helped hundreds of UK companies buckling under financial pressure find their way back to sustainable growth. Whether you need advice on dealing with creditors, repaying business debt, setting up a payment schedule with HMRC or any other pressing issue, we’re the company to call. We’ll guide you every step of the way through the process of restructuring, refocusing and recovering.

TruSolv has local offices around the country meaning we're accessible whenever you need us.  Call us today and speak to one of our qualified and highly experienced team members. We’re local, independent and understand that each situation is unique. Call today and set yourself and your company back on the path to a more sustainable, profitable future.

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