Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

When it comes to matters of insolvency, only licensed and authorised Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) are allowed to represent clients. IPs offer advice on a variety of crucial matters from bankruptcy to Company Voluntary Arrangements, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, administration, liquidation and receivership’s.

The licensed Insolvency Practitioner is capable of playing a major role in returning your business to profitability, closing your business or, in the case of company liquidations, ensuring that your company assets are sold in a timely manner so that creditors can be repaid.

Putting our Experience to Work for You

Our Insolvency Practitioners are fully licensed and certified by all relevant regulatory bodies and have many years of combined experience in matters related to company insolvency. We always act in the best interest of our clients and take all necessary practical and technological precautions to ensure confidentiality. We:

TruSolv IP Services

Insolvency Practitioners from TruSolv are available in many locations throughout the UK, click here for our offices.

The exact nature of the assistance our IPs provide will depend on the particulars of the case. In some instances the main thrust of our efforts will be to rescue the business. Providing the business can address its financial problems and is taking action in the early stages of issues arising, this could be a likely option.

In other cases where rescuing the business is simply not possible, we may assist with processes such as liquidating assets; collecting money owed by the company or individual; or negotiating with creditors.

Regardless of the size of your company or the complexity of your assets, we provide clear and honest advice every step of the way.

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Through the years our team of experts have helped hundreds of UK companies buckling under financial pressure find their way back to sustainable growth. Whether you need advice on dealing with creditors, repaying business debt, setting up a payment schedule with HMRC or any other pressing issue, we’re the company to call. We’ll guide you every step of the way through the process of restructuring, refocusing and recovering.

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