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About TruSolv

At TruSolv we provide essential advice and guidance for UK businesses facing the multiple challenges of creditor pressure, actual or potential insolvency and the threat of liquidation. We’re here to help your company, or your client, transcend these challenges so you can restructure, refocus and recover.

Whether you need short term financing to pay creditors or staff or you are facing significant financial issues that may affect company structure and solvency, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you make the right decision for your business.

No one is more experienced at facilitating successful turnarounds for businesses great and small that find themselves burdened by debt and beset by aggressive creditors. We also understand that each case has its own unique characteristics and so we tailor our solutions to the particulars of your business and your issues.

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Meet the team

Gordon Johnston

Gordon is the managing director of TruSolv. He has many years of practical experience running SMEs. This experience, combined with his extensive professional training and a broad commercial background means he is well-acquainted with the intricacies of business management and is thus a powerful ally for companies facing vexing financial issues.

Email: gordon.johnston@trusolv.co.uk


Shane Biddlecombe

Shane is one of our licensed insolvency practitioners and a partner of TruSolv. With over 20 years’ experience in insolvency matters Shane specialises in helping businesses in financial difficulty to develop a strategy for future survival

Phone: 07867 503695

Email: shane.biddlecombe@trusolv.co.uk







Matt Hoy

Matt is a licensed insolvency practitioner with more than 15 years insolvency experience. Matt specialises in assisting businesses and individuals in financial distress, finding solutions in an approachable manner. Matt has worked on assignments from premier league football clubs and high profile retail businesses to sole director/shareholder businesses.

Outside of work, Matt is a Fulham fan, has two small children and a love of golf.

Phone: 07776 719311

Email: matt.hoy@trusolv.co.uk





Coran Stubbington

Coran is a business development professional with significant experience from the banking sector. Coran leads our relationship development with professional services firms across Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset, ensuring the team are readily available to support their clients during difficult times. Extremely personable, Coran enjoys meeting new people and bringing them together to collaborate. Coran is also mum to 8-year old twins and chooses to relax with either an early morning Spin, Pilates or Weight Training Session.

Phone: 07776 707725

Email: coran.stubbington@trusolv.co.uk






Mike Quick

Mike is a senior insolvency manager. He’s been helping companies grappling with insolvency for more than a decade. He understands when it’s the appropriate response to circumstances and when it may be overreaction. He also understands the nuances that exist within the umbrella term “insolvency.” Mike’s vast experience enables him to get to the heart of the matter quickly and formulate solutions that are in the best interest of company, creditors and staff. Mike’s time outside of work is spent with his wife, young son and their two dogs, Buddy and Bonnie.

Phone: 07827 237855

Email: mike.quick@trusolv.co.uk





Sam Jones

Sam is a senior insolvency manager. For more than 12 years Sam has been helping distressed companies of all kinds find light at the end of the tunnel. Sam’s experience makes her the ideal person to help companies struggling with complex, existential issues and no one is better suited to mediate complex negotiations between your company, HMRC and other creditors.

Phone: 07590 401302

Email: sam.jones@trusolv.co.uk

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Through the years our team of experts have helped hundreds of UK companies buckling under financial pressure find their way back to sustainable growth. Whether you need advice on dealing with creditors, repaying business debt, setting up a payment schedule with HMRC or any other pressing issue, we’re the company to call. We’ll guide you every step of the way through the process of restructuring, refocusing and recovering.

TruSolv has local offices around the country meaning we're accessible whenever you need us.  Call us today and speak to one of our qualified and highly experienced team members. We’re local, independent and understand that each situation is unique. Call today and set yourself and your company back on the path to a more sustainable, profitable future.

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